What is going on….

Woke up 10 days ago, put on my slippers, stepped on my left foot and thought I died… An oh what a feeling when I jumped as high as the ceiling and hell is where I thought I landed… I have no clue what is wrong as the ankle is over twice the size of the right ankle. Felt fine when I went to bed. Tried RICE, but that is useless. Never experienced this before! Not on any body part.

After 5 days, it was to the Dr. where X-rays are negative. Feels kind of like Plantar Fasciitis, fells like a bad sprain, feels like I broke my foot again and feels like I have rocks in my forefoot and ankle. Will see a specialist on October 17. Hope this is not a lengthy healing process as I have went from 235 pounds to 248 already in 10 days…. Sure is different when you go from a two to three hours a day to nothing. I will hope, pray and finally getting my eating under control.


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