I ran! I REALLY RAN!!!!!

Time has gone by and I, against the physician’s advice, decided to run anyway.  It has been almost 4 weeks…  He wanted another visit and me to wait until October 31 before getting the green flag.  He had no idea what caused the swelling and pain.  Especially as he knows I have a high threshold for pain but this was way too much for me to tolerate when I woke that morning.  There is still swelling, only about 10 percent over the right ankle, but still noticeable.  Pain was not in the ankle, but strange is it moved up into the upper calf.  This is so strange.

I believe I know my body and felt that some of the pain has been from inactivity.  So I went to the Minnesota River Valley trail, gave it a try. At first, I was concerned.  More than just the ankle hurt.  There was pain in my right knee that soon move to include the left knee.  The bottom of the foot hurt and I have only completed five minutes at an 11-minute mile pace.  I wanted to stop.  I wanted to believe this was an injury that would keep me lifeless.  I had a die rather than quit attitude. After 10 minutes, the pain in the knees was gone, but I rolled the bad ankle.  Shit is all I could think. But I continued without since after that, nothing hurt anymore.  I felt good.  I felt like I was just running before the injury.  I felt like I was going to be fine.  At the finish, I stretched and drove home…  I think it will be OK…  I will run again over the weekend, and hope it is the same results.  God I miss the trails and the stress relief that comes from running them.


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