A New Year

Well, it is time to quit pouting about not making 102 miles at Superior in September. I know 77 miles on that course is not a failure but is sure is a monkey, or shall I say a elephant, on my back. I have gained 25 pounds since the 100… Currently 255 pounds. Part of the blame was a pinched nerve and 5 weeks of limited activity.

Enough already as I am ready to move on with the sting effort to conquer the Superior beast in September. I need to drop 55 pounds as the first goal. This is doable. I plan on running the wyco 50k in February. I may do the 50 or 100 mile in April with other steps along the way. Since the the first of the year I have worked out each day for at least 2 hours each day for the first three days and feel great. I decided I will only weigh myself on Sundays with a minimum goal of 2 pounds per week which puts me near my 200 pound goal at Grandma’s Marathon where it WILL be my 24th finish in a row. I allways had a goal of 25 consecutive years and am so close.

Amazing to have 23 years in a row which saw me through grad school, through fatherhood, through marriage, through divorce, through 11 homes in four States, and ballooning to 296 pounds (2005) from a low of 176 pounds (1988). I joke I must have the record for times at Grandma’s which ranged from 3:24 to 6:05 over the 23 years. This year I have a goal to be under 4 hours…. With the help and support I have from my girlfriend and running friends I have no excuse for not achieving my goals, except laziness…. So carry on…



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4 responses to “A New Year

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck as weight is hard to drop but I know you can do it

  2. SteveQ

    I just discovered your blog today; hope to see you at the Superior 100 this fall!

  3. Kel

    I found your blog through Steve’s links – I think I met you briefly at the RT Anderson Fat Ass in Eden Prairie this past fall. Probably see you at the Superior and Afton races this year (although I’ll be running the “weenie” distances). Good luck!

  4. aharmer

    Londell, are you looking for more company at Grandma’s this year? I’m planning on doing a long Superior training run that day, probably about 25 miles to the starting line and then do the marathon. I was thinking 4 hrs would be the pace I’d run the marathon and would love to join the group!

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