Getting in the groove…

This past week has been filled with ups and downs, almost like the weather. I am not one to brave the cold and have been outside less as I still have a slight cold. The dry weather is worse than I ever recall. The Humidifier has been placing two gallons of water a day into my place and I am still below 30 percent humidity…

Training indoor has been going well. Did get outside for a few runs including a 6 miles run which was only planned as three. My girlfriend and I ran from her place in Apple Valley and got lost in the night. It was my first road run in a while. I have never got so disoriented in my life that I actually stopped and asked a person walking their dog how to get out of their neighborhood. The twists and turns were like I have never seen. The Street names were not in any recognizable order and I felt so stupid. Although, I blamed my girlfriend as it was her neighborhood, I live in Bloomington…

I am getting excited at my success. Doing the 4-6 mile runs are again just part of the day. I have been mixing in the exercise bike in the mix. I have been riding 25 to 30 miles on the bike at least 4 times a week as well as getting my miles consistently above 20 miles a week. Taking it slow as I increase the miles again. In addition, I add weight lifting in the formulae at least three times a week.

A big impediment in my training is I am a United States Tennis Association Official as my second hobby. This takes many weekends and some weekends are long. This past weekend, I officiated 40 out of a possible 52 hours. Sure is great training to keep functioning on little or no sleep, but normally means I do not exercise at after the lunchtime run on Friday to Sunday night. But then again, we all have bust lives. But I am off this weekend and think I am getting out the dancing shoes… I love live music. Two nights in a row we have great local music and I am looking forward to attending. On Thursday, January 17 Allison Scott and Pamela Mcneill are at Famous Dave’s, Uptown. If you want to hear a great set of pipe and see some fun artists perform, this is hot… Goggle them for myspace pages and music samples, but I assure you will not be disappointed. Then of Friday, January 18 Kurt Jorgenson is at Minnesota Music Café. If you do not know him he is a solid guitar plays with a Rob Thomas sound. Love his work!

I am getting excited for a crock pot contest we are having at my office. I am stealing a recipe from Julie Berg. She posted a recipe for halushkis. She describes them as “a wonderful potato-flour dumpling, mixed with bacon and cabbage.” If I win the contest, I will have to send the measuring spoon prize. If you have not experienced Julie’s recipes, or just her great stories and uplifting thoughts, take a look at Just reading her accomplishments and success makes me want to jump off the couch… There are so many fun people who run the 100 miles races (of aspire to) who have blogs. At times, this is the best reading. Once I figure out how to link these (I know it is easy, I should say as soon as I quit being lazy), I will link to some very good blogs for your enjoyment.

Hard to believe that in about 5 weeks we can bike outside regularly. My girlfriend got me a used Cannondale SR 400 street bike with lots of enhancements. Looking forward to getting out for some long rides again. Last year, I went long periods without a car and it was great. That was on the old, heavy and clunky mountain bike. This new bike should feel like heaven, after the beast I have been riding.

Anyway, my Sunday weight was 250.5 pounds meaning my planned loss of 2.5 per week is happening. At this pace, I will be ready for the 50K in Kansas City in February… Getting excited and feeling great… Carry on!


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