Seems like a little, but it is a lot….

A Sunday came and a Sunday went with only ½ pound weight loss this week which is strange as I feel lightener and stronger.  Could be I really beat myself up with the weights, bike and ran hard and I could be a little swollen.  Sometimes, a good day of rest results in a 5 pound weight loss.  Always baffled me when that happens.  I am not going to get hung up on the weight.  It will come off once I get the base back up to 40 miles or more a week.  Right now, staying healthy and shaking this cold is the priority.


While many of the ultra group snowshoe and love it, I never caught the knack…  Could be at 250 pounds, I would sink anyway (ha ha) so I run outside when I can.  Mostly on the roads.  As I said, I am still trying to shake this cold I started the year off with.  The coughing and wheezing are annoying, but I will keep plugging on.  I have my mileage up to 27 miles last week, not much compared to many but I also had 100 miles biking.  Slow to build back up but I found from years of experience that slow is good.


I am anxious for the upcoming races.  At this time, I will plan on the 50K in Kansas City on February 9.  My girlfriend has a lifelong friend she will visit while I complete the race.  Should be quite a bit of a challenge, from what I hear.  All I can keep doing is working out, increasing the pace and miles and waiting for the days I can be back on the trials. 


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  1. aharmer

    Hey Londell,I have the same experience with weight loss. Just when I should be lighter than ever I’ll weigh 2 pounds more than the week before. I hit plateaus that don’t budge for a while, then I blow through them out of nowhere. I’m with you and quit keeping track so closely.Are you coming back to EP on Feb 2? Hope to see you there.

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