Under 250…. Over 30…

Well, Sunday was a good day, I think….  Nice weather, nice runs and a weight of 248.6…  Cool…  I also am back over 30 miles.  Not much for the people I hang out with but I am going to build slowly.  I am still lifting three days a week and biking 50-70 miles.  But the runs, and half the miles outside, totaled 34.9 miles.  I found going 5 plus miles easy which was not true just weeks ago.  I have had no pains and that is good.  I think I was more emotionally screwed up over quitting at 77 miles at the Superior 100 than anything else quits. 

I feel good so I registered for the 50 PsychoWyco race on February 9.  Should be fun and hope to make is an easy 8 hour run.  Never ran the race there before but there’s a 10-hour limit, which unless there is a challenging course that will surprise me. 

Ran outside for 10 miles today.  It rained.  Holy crap, rain in January.  It was big drops, not just a little rain/sleet, but real rain.  You could see it on the sidewalk as I finished my run. 

I recently found a new website that allows me to download my Garmin 305 onto and share data.  I ran Sunday with my girlfriend and it can be seen at: http://allsportgps.com/Data/ActivityDisplay.aspx?tripId=129710.  I love this watch, if they only had a plug that would allow accessory charging without a cradle.  Oh well, it is as near as perfect as I can expect. 

Carry on…


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