I won, I really really won!!!!

I suggest if Julie Berg posts a recipe and says it is an outstanding dish on her blog…I suggest trying it out! 


I stole her Halushkis recipe that she posted in December for a crock pot contest we have at my office.  My girlfriend and I spent the hours shredding potatoes (knuckles and fingernails safe), boiling and preparing the crock pot dish to be in the contest.  As we made them, I must admit, I tasted one and thought I was about to be close to last again…  There were 20 entrants.  I have never scored in the top 15 in this event in past years.  (6 past attempts in 13 years…)  But not this year… IT WON BRONZE!  Eating them after you add the bacon and cabbage mixture was a whole lot different…


 Of course the awards are paper medals but as an additional award, I got a bottle of Balsamic Vinegar that I will have to give to Julie someday. 


Cool is all I can say…  Everyone loved them and when they heard how healthy they were, they loved them more!


Carry on…


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One response to “I won, I really really won!!!!

  1. SteveQ

    I was the one who asked her about halushkis, not knowing what they were. Seems every European peasant community had their own cabbage, potato and preserved meat dishes; I still say I’ll marry the woman who’ll make me potato pancakes from scratch.My halushkis didn’t turn out. Obviously, it was my fault.

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