Psycho…. Here I come … or am I already there

Since I failed the Superior 100 at 77 miles, there have been little setbacks to stop me from making my goals. I often wonder if they are setbacks or excuses generated from fear of a second failure. I and sure these negative and difficult thoughts are just part of my mind not allowing me to set myself up to fail again. Little things we all deal with in life. Aches, pains, stupid human tricks… I just wonder. Although, I do not care if I ever run another mile, I am going to run that race and try to rid me of the ghosts and other creatures, which haunt me. So I do run, because I enjoy it! This is really strange. Might even be psycho… So I guess this race I will partake onto tomorrow is appropriately named. Psycho… That is what I think I have become. Psycho-Londell

This week has been no different with challenges. Although my weight has continued to decrease slowly (246 on Sunday) I still struggled with the clod flu feelings. As previously written, I caught a cold running n the cold New Years Day. Now I have nursed it since. It seemed to get worse. Last week Sunday (6 days ago) I finally went to the doctor after a 6 mile run was difficult. Well, as shown in the picture, he drugged me up. Not just a cold or flu, but an ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis. Two inhalers and two set of pills. Great, only days from a 50K that I hear can be pure hell. I wanted to call it a day and not go. Then I viewed this as just another challenge I will have to face if I really want to get that nightmare that I quit Superior out of my head!

So I took my last dose of the antibiotic today and I will leave for Kansas. My head is light and I still have chest congestion, but I will give it a try… No, I will finish… Wish well to all who are going down there and for those who could not make the trip, carry on… You are an inspiration and we love that there are other people like me out there who like to run, long distances. A final story is my girlfriend was with a client last week. She told him her boyfriend is going to run the 50 K in Kansas City and then try the 100 mile in September. She said the kind elderly gentleman leaned over and touched her arm softly, with a real sincere voice, and said “is he normal”… That says it all. We are an unusual bunch but I find mostly a happy bunch that can challenge anything life throws us with confidence and enjoyment. Carry on my friends…


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  1. Kel

    Best of luck on your run this weekend Londell! If nothing else, you should get away from the sub-zero crap we’ll be having in the Twin Cities 😉

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