Some things are not the same…

Running on a trail and running on the road are not the same! I know that sounds simple but I had a rude awakening Saturday. I decided to run the road to work and then the trail home after work as this would give me 4 miles on the road followed by 10 on the trial on the way home. On the way to work, I was in the grove, staring hard at the road, as if there were going to be rocks, roots or other impediments. Well, I just strolling along and kept going right through the intersection where I had the stop sign and the car did not. Close call, scare the crap out of me and made me recall, it has been so long since I have been on the road, I need to watch out. Felt so stupid!

Running has been going well staying above 30 miles a week, lift weights 4 days a week, ride stationary bike 70-100 miles as well as the elliptical. I am watching what I eat but no weight loss the past two weeks. Just keep pushing on, I have faith that once I can get outside regular, this will help. I feel the quality of the workout indoor can not match a good outdoor workout. I thought I was outside with regularity in February in past years? Could just be with the nagging cold and congestion, I am having issues getting outside. Either way, I have the 100 to train for and need to keep pushing on… on the trails, as I appear to be a little to stupid for the street! Looking forward to some great group runs for the spring and really looking forward to the Superior 50K… Carry on…


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