Getting in a groove

We are starting to see the warmer weather.  I know, 25 degrees is not great but at least it is an enjoyable run.  Been running more outside lately…  Great break from that treadmill.  I sure notice the difference between the two.  This only reinforces in my mind that preparation for a long race (50 to 100 miles) requires a variety of training as you never know what to expect.  Treadmills, tracks, Buck Hill, trails, pavement, walking and crawling all have their benefits. 


Last year one of the memorable parts of the Superior 100 was I used the arms more than I thought.  Pulling me up the hill or gripping a tree to hold me up.  I have a hill on my lunch run that is quite steep and right now a little slippery.  I will try (success at all times so far) to get up the hill.  It takes total body workout to grab whatever I can to stop me from sliding down.  Really can feel the workout in the arms as well as the legs.  


Training has been consistent with run between 7-10 miles feeling natural again.  My weight is still in the high 240’s which seems strange as my diet has been monitored and could be better but not bad.  Either way, it could also be I need to take a day off.  I have noticed in the past after a long bought of working out at least once if not twice a day, that when I take 2 days off I drop over 5 pounds.  I do feel rather water saturated and have not taken a day off from running in since February 13th.  That is 15 days of at least 3 miles each day with at least half being over 6 miles.  On 9 of those 15 days I had rode the exercise bike as well as elliptical machine as well.  Lifting weight three times a week (although not structure) has also been included.  So I will not worry about the weight yet, I think it will drop after a few weeks and we get outside more.


Been reading many blogs of other ultra people I met and there are many interesting issues.  What I have learned is this is truly an individual thing as to what works and what does not.  I always provide my thoughts but emphasize that they need to test things on their own.  Although, I learned so much from people openly sharing and that is the key to success in my mind.  Not to be afraid to test and test the body and monitor how it reacts.  I also came across and interesting article cal “Leadville from Scratch -May 2006 From zero to 100 in a year”  (  The author did not succeed but had some good information.


Anyway, looking forward to getting out there with you all again on the trails.  Thinking about organizing a Wednesday night weekly group run along the Minnesota River once the spring flooding clears.  I love this trail as there are some hills, but not killers.  I hate the killer hills so I save that for Buck Hill.  Although, I have heard the hill may be closed to walkers/runner after last year’s issues.  It had become a popular location and the hills vegetation was so destroyed by walkers/runner and that was the start of a major erosion issue in August.  So I may have to look at another hill.  I am thinking the one at the Anderson Nature Center in Eden Prairie may be a good one…


Carry on…


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  1. SteveQ

    Buck Hill did take a beating, but I hope runners won’t get barred; I’m planning a lot of trips up and down that beast. If not there, the Afton ski hill is almost as close for me.The Leadville article was interesting. The hills there aren’t like at Superior – there’s only 7, but they’re miles long. I’m trying to figure out how to train for the tree roots at Sonju.

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