One great thing, one sucks….

My son is coming home for Spring break! That is the great thing… What sucks? That is the only word I can use to describe my slip on the ice. I was on the trail on a slight slope and did not see the ice under the snow last Monday… My right knee was swollen and in pain. My co-worker thinks I have a sprained MCL as she had the same. She said a few weeks rest and she was fine.

After a week, I do not think it is major but sure hurt. Fort he first two days, any activity was painful. Today (5 days later) I am able to bike lightly without any pain, to chicken to push it. I have not run for 5 days. Walking is no longer painful except for if a turn or change direction, I feel a little sensation but nothing like the first week. I will take another few days and will make an appointment next week if I still have that sensation when walking. With a little luck I will be set for the snow melt and run to celebrate farewell to the ice.

As I said, my son is coming home this weekend for spring break. He graduated from High School last year and is attending the Colorado School of Mines in Golden Colorado. Having him here will be nice. The past 7 months have been tough emotionally being an empty nester See, after my divorce 8 years ago, it was just he and I occupying the “frat house” as it was a male only house. We have a great relationship, would play ping-pong at 2:00 AM when he could not sleep, took many fun trips and he is a great kid, so I am told.

Running a 100 is nothing compared to being a parent in my opinion as you make mistakes over in a day or two and it is done… Being a parent, we really live our lives with second thoughts. A fellow runner has the saying “pain is temporary, regret hurts forever”. As a parent, I can admit I failed many “races” in raising a child and have regrets, although, when I hear his maturity on the phone and success at a very difficult school, it is like I finished the 100 that has always eluded me. It decreases the regret that hurts… That is my opinion.

Those whom are empty nest adults know the feeling I am sure. Those who are not there yet, it is like a 100, you can prepare all you want but something still jumps up and bites you in the but when you least expect it. There is so much information on being a parent and so much more on running a 100, but none of that is for sure. My girlfriend and I are pretty opposite in parenting (I guess if we raised kids she would be an ex…) but she has raised, much on her own, two very stable girls. But again, using my parenting skills may have destroyed her kids and vice versa… But I guess we both did well and I have come to the realization just like a 100… there is no answer for everyone. I have no right to be critical or doubt what others do. As I have learned, you just need to dig deep and know what is best for yourself, as what works for me may destroy another runner…

Carry on….


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