18 days was enough… I think

Yippeee… I got out today after taking 18 days on the bike and the elliptical machine. A little tired of the bike inside. Last week, it was 160 miles on that bike. I was planning to run on St. Patrick’s Day but the weather did not cooperate. So today, it was the day. I only did 2.5 miles at an 11 minute pace. At first, I was worried about the twinge was still in the knee and after 5 minutes, all felt smooth. I am thrilled.

Weather is looking better and I look forward to getting outside. Although, my other hobby is a USTA Tennis Official and with the collegiate season upon us, my weekend run options are minimal. I am planning on base training about 25-30 miles a week and increase about 3 miles a week. This is very doable, as I do not want to feel a knee pain again. I have been fortunate never to have any knee issues and did not like it.

My son is now back in Colorado. Sure is nice he is doing well. Is there ever a time we can just feel good about their being on their own? Or is just not wanting to recognize we are not needed, except for tuition…

Anyway, looking to get more runs in outside, riding bike to work and sleeping with the windows open. (Ceiling Fan off!) Inside joke but someone knows what that means…

Carry on…


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