Sh&*, I want a new Knee

Been a while and frustrated. Finally went to the Doctor who said that the knee pain tendonitis and suggests time off. Bummer. He explained it is not uncommon for the strain of the MCL to evolve into Tendonitis. So here I am, out of commission. Pouting! This is where I could use a Dana push right now… She always found something to do when something hurt, and somehow, it was fun? But then, that is they way it is when you have two fat people with the same goal! I can only hope that as we get warm weather, I can get out. Been doing a whole bunch of walking. That at least keeps me going. Spending more time in the weight room and I can really feel it in the upper body.

I sure am happy to see many of the ultra list folks are doing well in training. Envious but happy. Many are looking forward to spring and dirt and grass. Anyway, that is the update and I am going to listen to the Doc, take more time off with ice and heat rotation and hopefully, get some minor runs in next week. Some solid runner are getting set for great April runs. I was planning some but now, I am not sure… I am looking with high hope to kick off the season at Superior 50K in May… Until then, rest, Ice, Heat and prayer…

Carry on!



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3 responses to “Sh&*, I want a new Knee

  1. keith

    Hey, I hope you’re 100% soon. Keep yr. chin up.

  2. aharmer

    Hey Londell, you’ll be healed up soon…keep the faith brother. I had plans to do a night run that same weekend at RTA due to the ability to have aid available all night…maybe a fire pit as well to tempt us to sit down and take a break;)

  3. Billy

    Londell,I Don’t know you, but am new to trail running myself. I’ve done the Living History in Iowa last year and will participate in this years Trail Mix 25K, the farthest I’ll have ever run. Keep motivated, and remember that your experience and efforts mean something to others. I’ve really appreciated your blog as I’ve started reaching out to the “Trail People”. Good luck!Billy

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