Getting better…

I missed it, but I needed to heal and have a second hobby… Many ultra folks went to another FatAss run hosted by the Master himself, Larry Pederson. I had to miss for my second hobby, tennis officiating. This is the second one I missed this year but then again, my knee is still sore. I have no pain from just walking so I started doing long walks at a quick pace.

Now I think I will make walking part of my regular workout each week when I get back to the trials on a run. I have been walking 16-18 minutes per mile through the woods along the MN River Valley. Logged 15 miles in three days last week and my knee feels solid. I am just a little nervous about starting to run again and the Physician did say to take another week and come back slow. Those who run know how hard that is…

I come to the realization that walking in training is a vital as running. Not sure how many veterans agree although as I look back at my first 100 attempt, walking was not a skill I had perfected, but needed. Especially at night, a good walking pace can do wonder, so I think that now.

I am looking forward to the warm weather. Until we meet again, carry on.


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  1. SteveQ

    Would’ve loved to see you at Larry’s little mudfest. Walking’s one of those things that’s counter-intuitive; I’m fine with it until I get into a race and actually need it.

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