Escape from …

Finally, I escaped the world inside a world, Las Vegas.  I am sure many people like this vacation/conference spot but I was never happier to leave.  Of course, I arrive at 40 degrees less in temperature but I did not mind.  I like the cool weather.  You can always add layers, but at some point, there is nothing else you can take off!
I have now logged about 20 miles a week for two weeks.  There have been pool workouts and hundreds of miles on the bike as well.  I think this week I will run two days on and one off and so on as I still am nervous about the knee.  I still plan on trying the Superior 50 K but I may walk much more than normal.  I think that is doable as if you add in my walking time, I have been over 30 miles a week for quite some time. 
Anyway, the weight is slowly going the right way.  I thought I would blimp out in Vegas but I ended up the same.  That makes me happy.  
I did recently read about the runner who died at the New York City Marathon.  Enlarged heart…  This is the second time I have heard of this causing death.  First was a good friend Ken Nordquist and then I read about this death again.  Brings back memories and thoughts?  I think should I have the heart scan they talk about on the radio?  What should we do to protect ourselves?  I think about the words “Ryan and other top athletes underwent medical testing in Flagstaff, Ariz., where he trained, last spring, Joe Shay said, and he was cleared for running.”  So why did this kill him?
There have been articles, which read “An enlarged heart like Ryan’s translated into extra endurance — crucial for a distance runner.”  Additionally, USA Today wrote “Scientists long have noticed the phenomenon of the “athlete’s heart.” Athletes who train hard in aerobic sports, such as cycling, running or swimming, tend to have a bigger heart that pumps more blood throughout the body.” 
Just another thing to think about in this world where there are so many hidden killers.  Takes me back to what I wrote a while back,  “We all we need to get busy living or get busy dying” and if I worry to much about what might be killing me, I forget to save enough energy to live.
Live on my friends!

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  1. aharmer

    Well said my friend! Best of luck at Superior, wish I could be there to run with you all.

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