No Superior Trail race 50K for me… 111 days to the 100?

As I awake on this sun filled morning, I think of what I am missing. The start of the Superior 50K is this morning and many are going to experience what looks to be a great day. However, Monday I am seeing a specialist about my knee. I ran for two weeks and the pain was back at a higher level. I just do not want to drive all that way only to have issues what is obviously a greater issue than thought. I would think 10 weeks is adequate to heal what can heal naturally. Funny thing, the only time it does not work is when I am running or biking. Once I am moving, it is fine. I just should not stop… RUN FOREST RUN… Last week, after a 6-mile run and 4 Advil, it still woke me in the night. Oh well, anyone have any thoughts?

I am going out to run today and testing the two Garmin’s again. As many know, I have a 405. My first reaction, the 405 can not be worn comfortably as a watch. About 15% of the watchband is solid, hard and fits my wrist funny. Imagine the 305 with the antenna on both sides. I may get used to it. My guess is the antenna is on one side and battery on the other to allow a smaller face. More on it after I test it a few more times.

My first test was interesting… I love the auto download. I hate the charging system. The distance was the exact on both the 305 and 405 (3.71 miles). Goes back to my 305 statement that it may not be the right miles but it is consistent… Although, the 305 measured the topography much different than the 405. I always thought the elevation charts on the 305 were skewed, especially as I have the ability at my office to calculate the actual elevation from the construction documents for the paved trails when built. The 305 had 970 feet gain (210 out and 660 back) and 885 feet loss. (630 out and 255 back) The 405 had 645 feet of gain (540 out and 105 back) and 638 loss (103 out and 535 back) … According to the plans, it is actually 662 feet gain and loss based on the two-foot contours… I have no clue why as the software and technology is the same. I think I will switch wrists. This should not make a difference but who knows.

Carry on…


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