HGH Injections and more

Well the NCAA season is over. Tennis officiating is a great hobby of mine but at times it can get a little hard when we have several weekends in a row of intense tennis. I am leaving next week to Hilton Head to improve my skills in the chair. Should be fun!

Spring is here and outdoors is much more enjoyable. The pool is open and I have been biking most days as a commute. With gas prices at the levels they are, I estimate I am saving $70 or more a month and getting a workout.

I did go see a specialist about my knee last week. Nothing alarming but nothing positive either. I explained the good thing about the injury is I know when it happened and that was 10 weeks ago is it can not be a over training issue. It just drags on like a bad sprain. We opted to go with the HGH injection option as opposed to going right to the MRI right away. I have not run all week. The knee does not hurt but then again, I took two weeks off and it did not hurt either.

I have had some fun occupying my time testing the 405 against the 305. (Garmin) After the first few days, I hated the 405 with a passion… This was more of the frustration of not knowing where all the settings are and trying to use the online Garmin Connect. The sync to the online system is terrible. Error after error. Then I decided just to load it into Training Center and it was solid. I once again found the topography to be much more accurate with the 405. Like I reported earlier, it seems strange but there must be something to gain better readings.

I am looking forward to running next week. Hope the injections are all it takes, but I am still a little nervous. Will have to take it one day at a time.

Carry on…



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2 responses to “HGH Injections and more

  1. Wayne

    Londell, I hope the injection does the job and the running goes well.

  2. keith

    I hope you’re back at it soon! MLB pitchers swear by that stuff!

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