Too nervous to try?

Been a while since I expressed thoughts on this site. I have been busy as we all as the warmer weather arrives. Hard to believe Grandma’s is just days away… and Afton is less than a month… 12 weeks to superior! Don’t I need to start I need to start training sometime?

I have been riding bike but little running. I am frightened that the knee will hurt. I have run a few times with a pain here and there, but nothing bad… yet. Why do I have those doubts? I have been logging 15 to 20 miles a week for a few weeks and biking over 125 miles a week this month.

These past five weeks have been filled with tennis. I officiated the NCAA Regions, then a whole week of the NCAA Championships, then a junior event all weekend, the off to Hilton Head where I had my first chance to chair officiate a professional event. This was a treat. Some of the best players and officials in the world to officiate and learn from as I improve my abilities. So besides that real job so I have logged about 70 hours a week doing tennis officials stuff and my real job.

Hilton Head was so hot. I did get a few runs in but with the 95-degree days, it was not that enjoyable. Even on the beach. I was so surprised to see so many jellyfish washed to shore! I came home to 60 degrees and looked forward to it! I just finished tennis for a month and have time to train…

I still have the thought in my head that I will try the 100 again but feel so unprepared. I do have 12 weeks, but will it be enough? Oh well, injury is the reason and injury, hopefully not, may be the reason I fail a second time. Several have been excited about their first and I think it would be fun to do it with them… Support on that day is important (both in remote parts of the woods and at stations.) As we near this date, may are planning trips to the north to run the course. I have tennis schedule for those weekends as of right now, but hope to get up there a few times to run that 55-77 mile stretch. (I recall this was the hardest part for me last year, could be from unfamiliarity.)

Tomorrow I am going to do my first run over 12 miles since February. I will be at grandma’s next weekend. As I say at work, I have to go… This would be the 24th year in a row I finish Grandma’s and I can not stop. Figure it will take five plus hours, but I can say been there, done that… Over the 23 years I finished, I ranged from just over three hours to just over 6 hours….

Carry on!


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