What a difference a day makes?

I went out for my last run yesterday (Wednesday) before Grandma’s. On Tuesday, I struggle to do an 11-minute mile according to the Garmin. I felt more like a weeble (sp) – if you recall weebles wobble but they don’t fall down – than a runner. Really out of sync. Then yesterday, same course, I did the first 2 miles in 18:40, more than 1:30 a mile faster, and I felt fine. The return was 18:47. Wow, I took over 6 minutes off the same 4-mile run, overnight. I thought hard of what it could be but concluded, some days we are on and others, well…

This is the 24th effort at Grandma’s Marathon and I am a little nervous. I am not nervous about my ability, just superstitious. I mean I started 24 years ago planning to run 655 miles on the same course over 25 years… For all you ultra runners, I know 655 miles may not seem like much, but to think I am so close… 92% there… Like making 92 miles in the 100… Well not the same but if something strange happened after 90 miles in the 100, what a bummer…

I am committed to go with the heart rate only. 125 to 130 or less, no matter what. I just want to assure I finish. The knee is feeling OK and this will be a big test. I will either sign up for Afton on Tuesday or call for a MRI. I really want to make Afton. The past two weeks of training have been very nice. Starting to feel better and I am once again below 250 pounds. When I attempted the 100 last year I was at 236. I hope that over the next 10 weeks I can drop 20 pounds and be below 230 for this year’s attempt. Would be better if I was lower but one step at a time.

I have another night meeting (third night this week) and the tomorrow I may take a short day and head up to Duluth at about 7 PM. I sleep in the car with my running gear on, sleepwalk to the bus and get set to run. Afterward, I slip into the lake, dry off and drive home. Same habit now for 10 years… Hope all that are up in Dulith well and success…

Carry on…



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3 responses to “What a difference a day makes?

  1. Kel

    Good luck at Grandma’s! Sounds like you’ve got a good game plan.Hope to see you at Afton 🙂

  2. Wayne

    Wow, Londell… your 25th Grandma’s?? That’s awesome. I think you have a good plan, just take it easy and enjoy it. I think monitoring your heart rate is a good way to go – that’s my plan too. It’ll be tough with 9886 other runners in the way, but I’ll keep an eye out for you. 🙂

  3. SteveQ

    I always drove to Grandma’s the morning of the race until one year I fell asleep behind the wheel driving home. Sleeping in the car the night before sounds like a good idea. Break a leg!

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