Recovery is slow

It may be that I did grandma’s two weeks earlier and started running
three days later, it could be that Afton’s hills were harder on the
legs than I thought or maybe I am just that out of shape. My quads
still burn as of Tuesday night. I will ride bike tomorrow but I think
the thought of running will be out of the question. The legs just do
not seem like they want to move right? The good news, no knee
pain…. YEEE HAAAA…

I did get the bad news that Buck Hill is closed. That is a shame as I
really was looking forward to 5 to 6 weeks of hills once a week. Now
I will look at alternatives. RTA has a nice hill, could drive out to
Afton, but thats almost 60 miles round trip… Could consider Hyland
but I am waiting to get verification it is actually OK to run that ski
hill? In the past, it was supposed to be close but users went there
anyway. I was almost the ski jump north of Hyland. Well I have a
few weeks to decide, but it is so needed if I plan an attempting the
100 mile again…

I am thinking of planning a day trip to run a few segments of the ST
100 trail. I would so love to make Julie Berg’s beta but I have a
commitment that weekend. I bounced around a few ideas. One thought I
had for training was to leave Minneapolis on Friday after work and get
to the trail just before dark. After working all day, run the trail
for about 12-14 hours and then come back. I have a friend and my son
who said they would love to camp one night and would drive. I may
send out an invite to see if anyone is interested in a low budget all
nighter and commute. Who knows, my dumb idea may be a good one?

Well I have four weekends in a row now of tennis, all weekend. Makes
training difficult but it is also fun.

Carry on…



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6 responses to “Recovery is slow

  1. Wayne

    Hey Londell, that doesn’t seem like a dumb idea at all… keep us posted.

  2. keith

    glad there was no knee pain! people have been running hyland on wednesday evenings…I guess that means it’s OK.

  3. Matthew Patten

    Londell,I was thinking the same thing for a Superior run. I was almost looking at next weekend, but might do something at Afton instead.Too many booked weekends I guess.It’s tough to digest the fact that Superior is my next race.

  4. SteveQ

    If you plan the trip, keep me informed – I need to get up there!

  5. RunWesty

    Great idea about the trip, I just saw your comment on my blog and figured I would post here. We head out west for vacation through the first half of August, so I can’t make it, otherwise I love the idea of doing the test run. So if I go for Superior, it will be course blind but I will be coming off 2 marathons at a mile or so of altitude. They will have to do. Enjoy the training and stay healthy.

  6. Diane

    I’d be interested, too, if you were to put something together.Sounds like your training has brought you to a good place… are you ready to commit to Superior now? If you were waiting until after Afton to decide, I think you should!

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