What the hell?

What the hell is all I can say! I have a top of the line digital scale. I compare it to the scale at the physicians’ office each time I go. It is always appears to be consistent. But there are times it makes no sense. The past months, I think the circuits are haywire.

Here is an example. On Saturday, I went for a swim, showered, got ready for bed and stepped on the scale. I was shocked, 245 pounds… That is a 13-pound loss over the past months. I went to bed. Did not drink anything. After a solid 7 hours in bed, I woke… Nature called, I went… I then walked to the kitchen and the scale. I stepped on the scale… 251.7 pounds. So I did not drink anything, took a dump and gained 6.7 pounds… What the hell is the right phrase, isn’t it?

Now this is not the first time I saw this happen, this is just the most drastic. I have nights where I stay the same, nights where there is a 2-3 pound loss, but then there are those nights I gain 3-5 pounds… I have tested this by weighing myself 3-5 times before I go to bed, same reading… When I wake, exact same as the first if I check it numerous times… How can this be explained? Anyone else see this in their life?

My training is better now. Took longer than I thought to recover from Afton. I wonder if I am the only one who thinks Afton is much harder than Superior. I just have more of a challenge at Afton than the Superior Trail. But I think I am in the minority. My knee seems OK. A little twinge here or there but no pain, which is what counts. At this time, ST 100 and I look like we may battle once again. Want to wait another week or so to commit…

My son has been back for almost three weeks. After a year of campus life, he had to take care of all those things we parents make them complete. Dentist was the big one… Three fillings (only had one his whole life, now three in one year) and he is to smart for his own good as they have to remove his wisdom teeth. (I know, stupid statement) I recalled when I got mine out under local anesthesia, I had little issues. Heck, I ran that afternoon. He went under and had some significant work… he is really out from this. The swelling in his face is sad. He looks in total pain. We are starting the third day and he is still in pain… This is hard on a very active 19-year-old. But he will heal!

Carry on!



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2 responses to “What the hell?

  1. SteveQ

    The digital scale they used at FANS varied a lot, too. I actually prefer analog, because I expect less from it.

  2. Diane

    I know my weight is sensitive to what I eat. If I eat too many carbs or too much sodium, I can see it in a weight spike the next day or two. For example, if I have a couple pieces of pizza, my weight might be up 5-7lbs the next day before coming back down over the next two to three days. And no, this isn’t after eating 5-7lbs of pizza!

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