Who said it was easy?

Been a while since I posted on the blog. Why? It is summer and I am
busy… Although, life is not always easy. Neither is training for
100 miles and writing about it… The last post was on weight loss.
That is never easy. A while back it was on the recovery from Afton,
which was not easy. Then there was the knee. But we all have those
times in our personal life, which are never easy as well. It could be
the job or the relationships we have in life. Sometimes I think a
relationship is harder than running 100 miles. But how would I know,
I never have run 100 miles. Some would question if I ever had a real
relationship as well…

Relationships can be broken and one can only wonder if they can ever
get fixed. This thought really came to me when a fellow blogger
recently posted about 1986 and where she was in her life. (Elementary
School and I was a year out of university life – I felt so old!)) I
also had just come off my first year of running marathons. I was
dating a girl named Lori for three years. It was that interesting
kind of relationship. You know, I was a cocky little 24 year old who
really needed to be slapped. I always told her I was with her for the
fun (what an ass I was) and she never believed me. The band I was in
even wrote a song about that relationship. It was named “I am in
love with your body, not your mind”. Looking back that the pictures,
the long hair (perms were used to get those REO Speedwagon curls!)
Then one day in May, 1986, she looked at me and said “you are not
kidding that you are only with me for the fun”. I said yes, she
dumped me, and that was it. I often thought of how terrible I was for
doing that and often thought if I should have worked to salvage a
relationship I never thought I had. I did nothing, moved on… My
most recent dating experience has that same feel with roles
changed… Makes me wonder if I have come full circle? I once had
a friend who said relationships are like a car. You keep them going
as long as you can but at some point, they need to end. Not sure if I
ever believed that, but he is on his second wife, and his second car,
since I met him. I also have a friend that is with his first wife, 23
years, and still drives the 1980s honda civic… He loves that car,
and loves his wife.

Most recently my real world job has been difficult. I love my work as
a City Planner, do not get me wrong. Although there are times where
several hundred people are opposite in desires. It creates a clash
that really puts the stress on the old body and makes it hard to
train. I am happy I have been getting close to 40 or more miles in a
week as well as a few hundred on the bike. In my real job, we have
redevelopment’s which are very time consuming and often stressful.
Tonight I just finished a lengthy public hearing with hundreds of
people over a really delicate land use issue. Many legal minds and
one of the greatest companies I know were on the opposite side of many
citizens and myself. I really think there are many talented people
out there in this world doing there jobs, but they are fighting people
like me and others who make it hard for them to complete the task they are hired to complete. But people homes, neighborhoods
and corporate desires often clash. Many times I am on the side with
corporate groups and many times the neighbors. This project is one
where I sided with many of the citizens and I have had some pretty
brutal communications calling me incompetent, calling me an idiot and
saying I am not acting in the best interest of the community. Either
way, I did my job, and I know someone would be upset.

Anyway, after all that, I now have three weekends in a row free and
less stress so I can train. Still looking to do a run on the Superior
Trail in the first or second week in August.   Think I will send out a note on
MNDRS next week to see if there are any takers. The more I think about
it, I think I want to leave Minneapolis at about 5 AM and run from
Finland to Cty Rd #1. This is where I expect to be in the dark and
would like to see it in the day. Will see what works… Need to get
a driver lined up first.

Carry on…



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3 responses to “Who said it was easy?

  1. SteveQ

    I was thinking of running from Crosby-Manitou to Sugarloaf and back the second week of August. I’ve heard others are planning on running the first section of the course that weekend, too.As a city planner, you must be glad you don’t work for my hometown of Maplewood! At least you aren’t being sued.

  2. Diane

    I hear you that life isn’t easy… at least not much in life is easy.”I am inlove with your body, not your mind” Funny! I can’t believe you actually had a SONG titled that!

  3. Anonymous

    You have not come full circle because this girl is still crazy about you.

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