Litter, Life and luck…

It is so ugly…  There are trash cans everywhere.  There is no real reason to litter.  It just means they may be lazy?  They have no sense of beauty?  I am amazed as I ride bike and see the trash line the roads.  Running on the Minnesota River path today I saw everything from a used condom to cliff bar wrappers.  When I ran today, I intentionally went slow as I did hills Tuesday.  I was amazed at what I saw.  I was both angry yet confused.  So what was new.  This video above gets to what would be a cool outcome for those who litter…  No one gets hurt?

Well, I did it…  Signed on to the Superior Website and bit the bullet…  I signed up for the 100 mile.  I feel like am am in better shape than last year although I am heavier.  I thought, what the hell.  Last year I believed I could finish.  This year, I believe I can not…  Last year I felt confident as the energizer bunny.  This year I feel like the Pillsbury dough boy.  Last year my life was in total turmoil with my son leaving for school, me moving and very busy in a relationship.  This year I am bored, not much occupying my time but work and training and I am lucky if I date (or event get out of my small world) more than once a month.  The tale of two 100’s may be a great way to start my report?
But I believe that successful 100 miles takes more than training.  Luck has something to do with it?  Some may disagree but there are so many things that have to come into play to succeed.  Weather, food, sleep, transportation, shoes, and many other things all have to line up to make it the best possible solution.  I am not going to wish for luck alone.  Five weeks left.  To me that means three hard weeks and a taper.  That will be long runs on weekends and the hills on Wednesday’s.  And much more in between!
Carry on… 


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2 responses to “Litter, Life and luck…

  1. SteveQ

    Food, foot care and attitude seem more important than training. See you up there!

  2. Diane

    That’s what I like about ultras (especially 100 milers): every aspect is important and any could hold you back if not optimized.

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