Surprised… and shoes…

As previously posted, I ran a long all night run with Steve Quick on Friday, August 8. What I did not post is the Sunday workout, if you call it a planned workout. I went to Madison, Wisconsin Sunday to help partially move a student. That means carrying a full room of items two full flights of stairs. This would be a good leg workout…
I was surprised to find Sunday that my legs were not as sore as I expected. My feet were a little swollen, as I had change the tightness of the laces. But all in all, really not much of an issue. I had taken two Advil at 6 AM and that was it for the day. So, after 58 flights of stairs in about 3 hours plus packing and dismantling items, I was pretty worn.
To my surprise, I was less stiff this morning than I thought. I am walking slow but I have not taken any Advil or anything to ease the pain. I feel like I could run, and will try later. This is surprising as I assumed I would need a day or two rest just to recover. But lest see how the run goes later today.
There have been many discussions about the Superior 100 course section and which is more difficult. Steve and I throughout the night talked about segments and I ranked them according to my memory. (I have now been on each section twice so I am not an expert by any means!) Here is a rank list I have after giving this considerable thought. I am going to send this to the run list to see what others think, if they care to chime in…. Might be fun as I will place any replies on a spreadsheet and I think what I will find, depending on the type of runner we are, there is a whole array of opinions and no one will have the same list?

1 to 14 with 14 being the most difficult (# before mile means difficulty rank)

(5) 9.3 miles to Split Rock

(9) 10.1 miles to Beaver Bay

(1) 4.9 miles to Silver Bay

(13) 9.9 miles to Tettegouche

(8) 8.6 miles to County Road 6

(10) 7.7 miles to Finland

(11) 7.5 miles to Sonju Lake Road

(3) 4.2 miles to Crosby Manitou

(14) 9.4 miles to Sugarloaf

(2) 5.6 miles to Cramer Road

(6) 7.1 miles to Temperance

(12) 5.7 miles to Sawbill

(4) 5.5 miles to Oberg Mountain

(7) 7.1 miles to Finish

One last note, there have been many e-mails written about shoes and the need for trail shoes on the Superior Hiking Trail. I seem to be in a minority about wearing street shoes. After much thought, I realized two things. (1) My foot specialist told me that the Asiacs Nimbus shoe is a good running shoe for both as it has a low profile; and (2) my orthotic is very hard plastic and has little flex so in my shoe so I probably get the stability others need from the trial shoes? I never feel like my foot is twisted and turning although when I hike the trail with my softer orthotics, my feet are contorted in all directions.

So just like ranking what is more difficult of a segment, the answer on shoes and food usually have more variables to get a clear answer.

Carry on!



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3 responses to “Surprised… and shoes…

  1. Diane

    I think I agree with most of your rankings. I’m not sure about that first section, because it’s so early on in the race that I don’t recall it being difficult. The miles into Sugarloaf were LONG last year… I was really worried that i had missed the route somewhere along the way!

  2. SteveQ

    I haven’t run the second section, but the topo map shows it to be continuously uphill; I’m guessing it must be easy footing and early enough not to matter.

  3. Londell

    Steve may be right as all I know about the second section last year was it was nothing to remember so I thought it must have been the easiest one. On may other parts, I think that ^&^(#@^ hill and etc…

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