Hyland Hill

Met Karen out at Hyland on Wednesday. We did somewhere in the range of 12-14 repeats. Forgot the rock pile trick and then when we did, we weren’t sure we moved a rock each time. All I could think was how this did not seem as hard as my buck hill experience last year. I would recall 12-14 times at buck hill last year left me feeling it and the last few were so hard. This was a workout, do not get me wrong, but it was not the killer I recalled. Another thing I noticed that last year, I would average 20-21 minutes per mile and yesterday we averaged about 19 minutes per mile.

Today I did some research and Hyland is only 60 percent of what Buck Hill and that explained the difference. So my experience yesterday was only equivalent to 8 buck hill repeats. So I will head out there Thursday next week with a goal of 20 or more repeats, which will be like 12 at buck hill…

The race is only three weeks away. I am not sure how I am taking this as training is better but I feel like I am less shape. Always second thoughts and doubts. But the advice I have been given many times, just keep moving, forward that is…

Carry on.


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