To much to late?

I am beginning to regret my last hills run. Still today, I feel exhausted that walking is a chore. I ran 3 miles Thursday, lifted weights (upper body only) hard Friday, did a 27-mile bike ride Saturday and walked around the Renaissance Festival Sunday. I think I am not going to do anything I do not have to except rest from here on out!

Getting a little more excited but nothing compared to last year. The race director should be happy to know this year I will have drop bags less then half the weight last year. Last year I packed one of everything I might want and the bags were huge. Live and learn. Although, I still will have the bottle of pickle juice! Swear that this is the best for an ultra run for my body, especially in the heat.

Either way, the daily weather format is fun to watch. I am just going to expect rain and not worry about if it might rain. Takes to much energy. A fellow ultra runner did some major damage to his right hand in a fall. He is not sure if he will run or will have the clearance to run the 100. I am just going o be careful as anything can happen over the next 92 hours before the start of the race.

Carry on!



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4 responses to “To much to late?

  1. Karen G

    Hope you are taking it easy today anyways. You will be nice and ready for the 100 by Friday. I will be at the Bever Bay aid station, I know it is early in the race but let me know if you want anything for me to have ready for you.Karen

  2. Kel

    Best of luck to you Londell. I predict that you’ll be ready to roll on Friday – hope to catch a glimpse of you at either Silver Bay or Tettagouche aid stations.

  3. Matthew Patten

    Get tons of sleep man. Not sure if that was the smartest thing to do, but everybody is different. What do I know anywayMe, I am going into it well rested. Two week taper. (I don’t know how people do a three week taper).Weather will be perfect.

  4. SteveQ

    No medical clearance to run, but I’m toeing the line anyway. If I don’t fall to my right, I just might finish!

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