It is here… or close

At the writing of this entry, I have less time before the start of the race than I do anticipated finish time. It is just over 34 hours from now I will be 200 miles from home and 102.6 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail Lutsen where I hope to be before 38 hours of constant movement ends… I am not as nervous or excited as last year, in fact, I am not confident in my ability to finish. Many challenges will be a surprise to be throughout the race but I just need to keep going until I am told to stop. That is the key, as I see it.

Either way it has been another interesting year of preparation. Challenges were more than I cared and life was ever changing. Emotions run wild as I over evaluate much of what I am doing and what I desire for the future. No matter what, I can only do my best and that is what I will do. Next entry will be my success or failure report. Take care and smile!

Carry on…



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4 responses to “It is here… or close

  1. RunWesty

    Best of luck, you already have success you are heading north to try and you will do great. I look forward to hearing of your success. Just keep moving – carry on.

  2. keith

    you can do it, Londell!!

  3. Kel

    I have confidence that you can finish. And if you don’t, think of it as feedback rather than failure.See you this weekend!

  4. SteveQ

    “Interesting year of preparation” indeed! You’ll be fine; just stay positive and keep moving forward.

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