Some blog readers noticed I have a Christmas countdown working on my blog… Today is 100 days to Christmas. WOW. What is that all about? Should we not count down to a race? After all, we are athletes.

I do not feel athletic. I have been training so hard my close friends know I have had a whole lot of trouble sleeping, headaches and other ills which are common for the human body pushed to hard. My back spasm which took me out of the 100 this year were most likely by-products of a lack of stretching and improper over-all training. I did a whole lot of running and biking but less weights and did not keep the muscles balanced. That is my opinion. So I decided not to run anymore… this year, or very little. Basically, between now and Christmas, only if I have the urge. I am just going to eat well and repair…

I think I have been working hard and my body just needs to repair. I think the weight issue was I had pushed so hard I am so tired that I was always seeking nutrition I to replenish all I expend. Not just in my exercise world but the job has been at least three times as intense and difficult. So I will focus on eating right, doing yoga, simple weights and other light enjoyable activities. Feel much better already after 9 days. Weight is 3 pounds less than the week before the race. So I will decide on Christmas if I will try the Superior 100 in 2009… That is my countdown. Commit then and plan and train smarter, or send my name to the volunteer list. (or offer service of a pacer?) or both. Isn’t that worth a countdown timer?

Carry on!



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3 responses to “Christmas

  1. Diane

    I think your plan sounds like a good one; maybe you need both a mental and a physical break?

  2. RunWesty

    I agree, you may not need until Christmas but take a month off and recharge the spirit and the body. Then when you are ready plan your year and remember there is nothing wrong with just running distances you enjoy. Something I need to remind myself every so often.

  3. Karen G

    I know from experience that running and trying to take off weight don’t always mix well if running makes you hungry. I would be afraid to stop for long because it is so hard to start again, but keep active and hope to see you out on the trails before too long.

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