My blood boiled

I am usually mild mannered when it comes to politics. This from a person who has an under-graduate degree in Political Science and work for the Government. But this year, I find myself passionate. Although, the wrong kind of passion and it varies from time to time.

First, this year for president, I was looking at the Vice President with a greater emphasis than the past. One presidential candidate is quite old and the other is sure to have some idiot looking to end his tenure. Lousy to think that way, but that is just what I think. So when they VP’s were announced, I was disappointed to say the least, for both. So I released that thought and thought about the Presidential candidates. Then I get this crazy Coleman and f’n Frankin fiasco, and it is even worse…

Then I saw what happened to my good friend and republican Neil Peterson. He voted for the transportation bill to override the Veto and the republicans in the state acted like two year old brats and worked to remove him. He was defeated in the primary. Neil has done more in his tenure than anyone I know. He voted for Minnesota, not a party.

So tonight I had a call from some poor young volunteer for the republican party and I snapped. I told the poor girl I will never vote for any republican again after the two year old bratty behavior from our Governor and his party. Then I felt guilty as I was no better of than those I complained about. SO now I have come full circle… I have no clue what to do in a few weeks. Not just for President, but for the local elections as well. I am so confused but in talking to many, I am not alone.

I wonder if this emotional turmoil and confusion is more that my miles are way down and I am not working out as regular as I should? Either way, there is decisions to be made, and this voter is not ready… and not sure if I will be…

Carry on…


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  1. RunWesty

    Of course running would help the mind and you still have time to sign up for Surf the Murph. That way you would have plenty of time to work through the issues, at least I know I will and I look forward to the distraction.I too am not happy too much greed, lies or half truths and way too much pandering which got me irritated after the last debates, just watched our 37b legislative debate and it didn’t help me. I am tired of partisanship and would like to see changes made.Anyway, stay involved (we all have to) and good luck with your decisions. Look forward to seeing you on the trails in the future

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