Sad, quiet and slow…

The blog world has slowed. Could be the weather or just most are repairing after a hard summer season. Jobs, family, health or other things are a priority. I have RSVP’s for the UMTR Awards fest. Should be fun.

I just can not keep from dwelling on one post which has me the most concerned. A fellow runner who is going through some real hard times right now. She is still blessed with health but death, early death, in her family has been a repeated activity. Karen is always blesses me with a smile whenever I meet her for a run or at a race. I often wonder “why does God punish people like this”. I always have to go back to when my 3 year old nephew died. It was unexpected.

At the funeral, the Pastor said something I will forget at time. He said “Aaron has left us and for many this is a sad time. What makes it sad is our perception of how long a life is.” He went on to say that God has a plan for all of us. For Aaron, God had planned a life of three years. He reminded us that Aaron did not waste time in his life. He loved each minute and made sure it was full. He said it is the human expectation we should all live the same length of time which adds to the pain. He emphasised the pain should be there, but not to add to it as Aaron did live his life (3 years) to the fullest and asked we do the same.

I often need times to remember that life is not a guarantee and we need to preserve and cherish the time with others and ourselves. I forget that often. I pray for Karen and many others who are not experiencing the joyous of times right now. I am doing really well with my only obstacle being me. I need to remember that more often…

Dana once gave me a bumper sticker that said “the best things in life… are not things”. It had a picture of a man holding the cat, with the wife, kids, friends and the dog around him. As I think of this, some close friends know what I mean when I say I feel real stupid about the Orzo Salad issue… But some things we can not take back…

In this ultra running world I find that to be true. Thanks for all the love and support from many and I only pray Karen gets through this OK. I am sure she will with the heart and soul god gave her… But I still add her to my prayers nightly and hope to see her smile again… She knows how to live a full life, however long it may be, and may it be long and continues health, as with all of you…

Carry on…


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