Scary night…new beginnings…

I live in a building that is secure with average age over 50 and and we never get kids for Halloween. Only know of one person who has children… I recall the days when I used to have a bunch of running friends and we all did a midnight Halloween run. As I do not drink alcohol, I became the designated driver as many of the runners ran hammered… in their costumes… Sometimes, the birthday suits were used.

It was a different world in the 1980’s. Then I got married, had children, got divorced, children left and became so distant from those running pals. Over the past month, I tried to look some of them up. Eddie I am told died of prostate cancer, Kevin also passed away but I do not know how, John never did recover from his war wounds and I was told one night life was to much.

I never could track down Scott… Scott was the best man in my wedding… He fell off the face of the earth. Gordy I found mentioned in a google search, but could not find where he was in this world… Makes me think of how life is full of happy and unhappy endings and new beginning.

Lately, I have struggled with what may have been the result of over training. My legs feel tired even when I do not run. Knee and hip pains are back… I feel tired even when I sleep many hours. I am beginning to think it may be related to stress at work.

Tomorrow is a new day to a new month. I spend my week preparing a plan to try to get back on track and start to lose the weight I have put back on… I had gone from 296 to 212 from 2005 to 2006 and now I am back to 258 or 46 pounds heavier than when I ran the Superior 25K in 2:36, if I recall right. So I am not half way back to plump and do not want to go there. But that is always easier said than done.

Tomorrow, many friends are running Surf the Murph. I am sitting out as I am not sure I could run it. Everything is sore and do not know why. Tomorrow is also the celebration for the Ultra group. So tomorrow I will celebrate and then buckle down. I have the desire and plan to lose 56 (1.3 pounds per week) pounds before the Superior 100 next year. Not sure I will race at all in between but I have my computer ready to go for nutritional analysis and other factors and will go through the same analysis and workout patterns I did in 2006 when I lost 84 pounds. Only this time I do not have Dana, I still have the knowledge…

Carry on…



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2 responses to “Scary night…new beginnings…

  1. Diane

    Good luck with your plans! Sounds like you enjoy your biking as much (if not more) than your running. Where do you like to ride?

  2. Londell

    I just get on my road bike and go… Never plan it out…

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