UMTR and more

UMTR held the awards fest. It was a great gathering with many people I was glad to see and many I hoped to see. If the people I missed were able to make, we may have needed a bigger place. The weather was great and the awards were the best. Don and Bonny were so deserving of the great awards they were given. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!) And Larry… I have often wondered what would happen to this sport if it were not for that close group of workhorses. I was going to names those i knew but there are so many other with a passion. I can never thank them enough as I am sure many feel the same way… I am just disappointed I do not have the urge to run… Hope it passes?

I did have the urge to bike. With the great weather I was just short of 50 miles for the weekend. If I would have known I was so close, I would have went around the block a few times… Hope the Indian summer holds a few more day but i think that is a dream… It is now time for colder weather. Thank god I have a great workout room at the office with bikes, elliptical, weights and treadmills. I may just stay in and try the “Diane Farmer” training method for a while? Only I am not sure which TV show I would prefer?

Anyway, hope health is with you all and do not forget to vote. And if you need any opinions on who to vote for, check out These are elderly ladies who are funny. Check out the post about Sarah Palen or the funny one “maverick my ass”… I think we can assume she is a Democrat, but she is feisty for her age! and she makes me laugh…

Carry on…



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2 responses to “UMTR and more

  1. Diane

    My vote is for episodic television shows that make you WANT to watch more episode/run 5 more miles. I have “The World at War” which I may attempt next.Except, I sold my treadmill (about a week ago). I need to make a general blog announcement. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I thought about running outside and making Steve carry a television for me (it’ll keep him closer to my pace).

  2. SteveQ

    Whenever I do a tough run on a hilly course, I think treadmills would be so much better – then I see a wild turkey or something and know there’s a reason to be outside.[Diane, if I moved furniture, my sideboard would be in my dining room and a bed wouldn’t be.]

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