Election day…

Today is election day. This is a hard election for me with two major races, I do not like either choice? (And some people think selecting a running / trail race is hard!) So I woke thinking I would write in Larry Peterson for President and Don Clark for Senate (As Norm, Dean and Al have me really turned off…) I know I am supporting the tax increase for clean water. I know new taxes suck but we really need to be careful with the world we live in and water more an issue than we care to think. My only fear is they find a way to do what happened in the 90’s with the LCMR funds from the lottery, they found a way to use it elsewhere… Either way, yet another election has come when I need to vote for Mo or Curly when we really need a Larry…

I sure an tell my stress from work has decreased after the SuperTarget application. The stress and long hours were killing me. For the first time in months I think I am going to shake a cold. I was shocked when my resting heart rate, which has been in the mid 70’s, was 61 yesterday. Amazing how stress impacts the body.

Carry on…


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  1. Matthew Patten

    Don’t forget the Libertarian, Constitution, Green, or Socialist parties.There are alternatives, and they become more attractive with each year of shameful campaigns.I was surprised to see the sun come up this morning. I thought each party said it would be the end of the world if the other guy was elected.

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