47 days and counting

This morning the counter said 47 days to Christmas. I had hopes by that day I have revived my legs to start training for another attempt at the superior beast. Having the time off has given me much time to evaluate. I have concluded that my failure in the first ST 100 was from a lack of mental training and the second, over-training and entering race day exhausted.

As I had stated at the UMTR gathering, I think if I do go for this again, I think I will go for the 2-3 runs a week training method. That will be a midweek speed workout and a Saturday run of 20-45 miles and that should do it. My best running results are when i gave my body plenty of time to rest with solid quality workouts? But then again, when you enjoy something so much, it is hard to do just twice a week?

Either way, even if i do not make the decision to do the 100, I do have to run and train for my 25th anniversary Grandam’s Marathon finish. Yes, 25 years this year when i finish, consecutive that is… Had this goal, well, 24 years ago and hard to believe I am that close… That is the only real focus I have and not sure what I will be like emotionally when i cross that line for the last time?

Carry on…



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2 responses to “47 days and counting

  1. Diane

    Wow– 25 years! That’s awesome! And to have met such a long term goal must mean a lot to you.I think you training plan for next year’s Superior is sound–really. If you ever find yourself on a treadmill on a rainy day, consider walking at an incline… I think that really helped me 2007 when I finished. To each their own, though!

  2. Wayne

    Glad to see you’re looking forward and thinking about what kind of training you’ll be doing. Go with what works for you, right? Also, congrats on 24 Grandma’s – Wow. Have fun training and running #25 (my current plan is to be there too)… and then is there any reason not to go for #26?? 🙂

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