Run fat boy, RUN!

Well, I knew I was fat, but severely obese? I went to have my annual (well, it’s been a few years – thanks Carl for encouraging me!) physical this week. This was after me working out regular since November 1 and watching my diet aggressively as of November 2. I have only run 4 times over that period for a total of 12.8 miles in 2 hours and 5 minutes, but did a whole lot of other exercise including:

269 bike miles over 15 rides (17 hours or just under 18 miles a time average)

18 walking miles on 7 walks (5 hours and 20 minutes and 2.5 miles a time average); and

18.6 miles on the elliptical over 9 times (4 hours 45 minutes or just over 2 miles a time average)

So I averaged 1.6 workouts per day with the average workout being 1 hour and 20 minutes. So for the past 20 days, I worked out 2 hours and 8 minutes a day. I am feeling better and was feeling positive about my Christmas deadline as I am not pushing it. If I felt like working out, I did. If I was tired, I did not…

Well, the Physician came in and looked are the chart and in kind terms, said I was off the chart obese. We had a discussion and discovered I have been obese for decades. I exclaimed, when I was 215 pounds (which is still obese according to him) I ran the 25 K on the Superior Hiking Trail in 2:36 or so, I ran a 4 hour marathon and ran the Superior 50 mile in 13.5 hours. He said I needed to lose a minimum of 87 pounds and ideal weight; I needed to lose 105 pounds… That stung…

I know I am fat, but never considered I would be in the category of Americans that needed to lose over 100 pounds, specifically as I am 35 pounds less than when I ran my 5:45 marathon? One thing that some co-workers pointed out is that Jarred Allen of the Viking is also obese, as well as most running backs. The chart is just that, a chart. When I was 215, most people thought I was getting to thin and they can not imagine needing to lose another 35 pounds to be healthy?

So I am not sure if there is more than Grandma’s Marathon for the 25th time in store next year. Not sure if there is to be a 50K, a 50 mile, or a 100 mile in store for me. I am still committed to waiting for decisions until Christmas and just workout doing whatever I want, when I want, as much or as little as I want, in the following weeks. But after being told I am so obese, I may need to rethink a lot more than that?

Carry on…



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6 responses to “Run fat boy, RUN!

  1. SteveQ

    There’s overweight and overfat; they’re different. There’s also a woman who proved at the Hawaii Ironman that one can be fat AND fit. Think health, not weight.There’s also time spent training and time spent training usefully. Just because you were moving doesn’t mean it was doing you much good (though more good than not moving).Also, one shouldn’t let appearance and especially what others say, dictate. I’m on the opposite end of the scale – when I get close to my best weight, people tell me they’re worried about my health. I’m 25 lbs. above that now.

  2. Wayne

    Hey Londell, after your appointment you’re still the same guy that’s toed the line at the Superior Sawtooth 100 miler the last two years (as well as at a lot of other races). That’s something. Adjust things as necessary, but keep at it! I’m looking forward to seeing you on the trails after Christmas.

  3. RunWesty

    I agree with both Steve and Wayne, and would add cut yourself some slack. Enjoy the journey, see you on the trails after Christmas.

  4. Matthew Patten

    The first question I would ask is, “are you healthy?”.I have seen some “overweight” runners at ultras who have done quite well.If the doctor is measureing by Body Mass Index, then you will never win.I would say that too high a % body fat can hinder a lot of things. Getting the body to burn fat takes a life style change, not a diet.You can work out really hard and gain weight, so the exercise does not always correlate.You know what you should weigh more than your doctor does.Good luck

  5. Carl Gammon

    First, congratulations on getting your physical. That’s the best present you can get for yourself.Second, I certainly agree with the others, and would look at your fitness more than your weight. I bet your doc found that your heart is strong and your blood pressure good.

  6. Karen G

    Good luck with your weight loss. Being from a family of overweight people I know food kills, so number one important thing is the food you eat (in my opinion). Just because a person can run and excersise hard doesn’t mean they are as healthy as they can be in the inside.

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