Blood work issue?

Been a while. But without sounding pouty, life is not superb and who wants to hear the battiness I have right now? I know I do not want to write it and sure you do not want to read it.

Running has been non-existent and I have no urge to run. I have however been averaging over an hour per day biking and elipticizing. I add some weights in there for good measure.

Biggest Loser was on tonight… I am so mad that Vicky has a chance to go to the Final… If I was married to her I am sure I would be in jail, and I am not violent at all. I would find a way to go to jail as being with her would be worse…

The big issue with me is overall health. I mentioned earlier my blood test was not good and I would write later. I waited to write to see how I felt after a few weeks of changes. The Physician said I have a major Vitamin D deficiency. My Cholesterol and all other tests were great. But my glucose was high.

The Dr. has me on a once a week dose of 50,000 IUP Vitamin D. Yes, you read that right, 50,000… This was a prescription. Image the over the counter pills that would take? I still have a hard time saying 50,000…

Well even three weeks and I am much less fatigued and sleeping better. At this rate, I may be ready to train after the first of the year? But train for what, I do not know. As I said at the start, I do not feel like running and have not run…

Carry on…



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4 responses to “Blood work issue?

  1. Carl Gammon

    I’m glad you saw the doc and that you are at least feeling better in that area. Hang in there with whatever other “battiness” you’re fighting. Add a little perseverence to the mix, and maybe a little prayer, and you’ll get through. And remember to “carry on!”

  2. SteveQ

    The vitamin D deficiency just might be part of the reason you’re not feeling so great. Did you have a hemoglobin A1c test to see if the glucose has been high for a while?

  3. Karen G

    Hey- its great you are feeling better!!! That is really a lot of Vitamin D.I am also wondering about the glucose issue if you are going to do anything specific about it.

  4. Karen G

    Oh and I agree with you about the Biggest Loser- I dislike Vicky too!!! It is my favorite show and I hate the thought of her being the winner.

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