Glucose and my race?

I had some comments about the glucose level. That was an easy one to figure out. I has been working out less but still enjoying high carbo powder drinks… Figures there should have been an issue as I had carbs for a majority of all meals and drinks. Just a little stupid… My level was a fasting level of 106, whatever that means. He stated this could be related to the high stress I have had as well as the diet. So I adjusted the diet and will be tested after the 12 weeks of Vitamin D therapy.

On the funnier side, with a name like Londell, people often think I am the son of Aunt Jamima. It is funny how when they see me the first time I hear I thought you were black (sorry – African American)… Yesterday, I had someone tell me they thought I was just past 20 years old and black because they tried to get info on me on the Internet and found

Then I was asked if I had any relation to this:


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  1. SteveQ

    I was expecting, when you mentioned high glucose and taking medicine that they’d put you on metformin. 106 is high normal (70-110) if fasting. I’m sure you’ve been told this a million times, but losing weight will lower that number.When I first heard the name Londell, I thought southern (white trash?), but not black, as there’s not many black ultrarunners.

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