May not be funny to you…

Some of you may have read about my love of a blog written by two 82 year old ladies ( Part of her recent post was funny, so I thought…

“Well, I would have written sooner but I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to type more than a sentence or two. Oh my goodness but did any of you see the incident with the Iraqi journalist, Muntathar al Zaidi, throwing his shoes at Georgie Boy? I gotta believe there are millions of us who have wanted to do that very same thing. It’s too bad Zaidi didn’t hit his intended target because he just might have knocked some sense into that thick Bush skull. Not to mention the lucrative Nike contract that surely would have followed.”

She is a hoot! 82 and a mind whitty as can be… I needed a laugh!


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One response to “May not be funny to you…

  1. Kel

    I LOVE Margaret & Helen! There's a pretty good post in one of the comments about how the angel got to be on top of the Christmas tree, too 🙂

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