I am a numbers guy. I make little notes throughout the year and sometimes I look at them and over-analyze the numbers I put on paper. I have little spreadsheets to monitor things. Way to many spreadsheets. I have one for my car miles (in case I need to deduct travel expenses for tennis). I have a spreadsheet for meal I eat out, in case I need deduction for that activity.

I often neglect filling in some fields. But the number of hours working is known. For my “real” job I take 2080 hours minus vacation time, minus holidays and add overtime/comp time to get a number. For my tennis, I report hours so getting a total is easy. What is not added it the hours I work off the clock, which I do often.

Anyway, in 2008, I was troubled by many changes that happened which meant my performances in races was less, my physical fitness was less and my body felt tired so often. So I look at at 2006, 2007 and 2008 to see why things are so different. Well I think I found a big difference… 71.6 hours each week. This is the average number of hours per week I officiated tennis or worked at my “real” job each week in 2008. This is 14.3 hours higher than 2006 and 10.6 hours more than 2007. I knew my stress levels were high and I was working more, but this was a surprise. I had over 14 more hours each week in 2006 to rest, train and repair. That makes a huge difference as I look at it today.

I look at the first three months of 2009. There is no reason to believe I will not be over 70 hours a week at least through February. Then I plan on going to Germany to visit my son in March for a week, so that will help the average go down but when I return, I have two weeks that may be above 80 hours each week… So looking ahead, even with the week vacation, I have planned at least 70 hours a week average. So how can I think of training during that time? I do not know but 71.6 will assure i will be doing few races. So my first goal is to look at April onward and not accept every tennis assignment offered… I may even use some of the vacation time I have built up… One thing at a time.

As a follow-up from my blood test showing I had a major Vitamin D deficiency and I was put on doses of 50,000 IU, I have been sleeping better. I am so surprised that one of the issues with vitamin D deficiency was sleep… This has improved! I am also not as stiff as I was with the bones hurting. Guess I may be absorbing Calcium better… If this improves, and I cut my tennis hours to a reasonable number, there may be hope? 71.6 can not happen in 2009!

Carry on. . .


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  1. Diane

    I hear you on work hours cutting into not only the quantity but the quality of training. That’s good that you noticed that trend and you can look forward with reasonable expectations of what you can ask yourself to do!

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