Regular runs…

The header sounds a little gross… But it means three runs so far this year – about 8 total miles! For those who may read this, that is not a big amount, but considering months ago I did not ever want to run again… I had no urge, I had no desire and had no enjoyment lacing up and heading out, this is a nice number of runs and miles.

Now, is it cool to run outside again (No pun intended – it is winter!) Again, I really have completed very little running since ST 100 attempt… My current runs are not big runs, fast runs or that athletic in effort, but I have enjoyed the outside. Just short runs of 2.5-3 casual miles. Not at all hard. Seems simple and I do not feel like I did much. I would have more runs in but the month of January will be a minimum month for increasing miles of running. That is because I have four weekends in a row of tennis which means 16 plus hour work days Friday and Saturday and 8-9 hours Sunday. When I finish Sunday I usually go home and sleep. For tennis I am on my feet most of the day and it is really tiring both mentally and physically. I am only focused on training and preparing for Grandma’s at this time. No other thoughts about any other race. I will see what happens when the snow melts… So I am looking at January as a base month. With a goal of running at least 3-5 miles every other day on average. If I do not, then who cares, I am just thrilled to enjoy lacing up the shoes once again.

Then tennis is much less in February through April due to my changes in schedules. I decided not to apply for Carson, CA event in April as I am taking my first non-tennis vacation in years (I only had one in the past 7 years?)… Although Carson is all chairs and top level officiating. So I should have a chance to get more outdoor time in with the reduced tennis and I am looking so forward to my real vacation!!! A trip to Germany for over a week visit with my son in February. Then there are some great running partners out there I am looking forward to spending some weekend time with…

I also wonder how my 6 weeks of Vitamin D therapy has impacted this positive attitude about running as well. I have 6 more weeks to go. I am less fatigued, sleeping much better, also still needs improvement. I also purchased DietController which is one of the best programs I have seen to monitor all aspects of diet and exercise. I do not want to slip into the lack of nutritional balance noted in my blood tests 7 weeks ago. It is so hard to believe how off balance I was and glad the physician found these issues. Either way, things in the personal life are in a strange situation right now and I find myself missing Dana more than ever. I am not sure I ever let me feel about her death, but I know for sure, I was so dependant on her for encouragement, I am now reliving what we went through 3 years ago, alone… Hard to believe she died 2 1/2 years ago as it seems like yesterday.

But as I know she would want for my and anyone else in this situation, to continue on with the good things in life. I think running is one of those things again, and that alone feels good. Hope this continues and I see you all on the trails in the future.

Until then… Carry on…



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2 responses to “Regular runs…

  1. SteveQ

    Nice to see the desire to run is back and that you’ve got a program to follow.All I can say about missing Dana is… carry on.

  2. Wayne

    Looking forward to seeing you on the trails sometime too, Londell!

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