Cold and Flu

I am out of commission… The past three weeks I have been fighting pain in the midsection which moved all over. Made it verify hard to workout. Went to the Doctor and he though I may have a sports hernia, but I do not understand how Icy Hot helps a sports hernia? But Icy Hot helps, a bunch. I think it is a groin strain. It feels better this week, but I am now down with a cold…

I have not had a cold and flu this hard in years. I have not left work ills in years. Today, was to much. Some think it is from running outside all week last week even in the 20 below day, but I did not start feeling bad until Saturday Morning and I did not run Friday. Either way, it is slushy outside and I am stuck inside… Bummer, but at least I did get quality time in last week.

Even though I want to train as I enjoy it now, I can not… I am not getting worried about that issue as I am leaving for Germany in three weeks. When I come back, we can get set for all the outside trail running… Yippee



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2 responses to “Cold and Flu

  1. Karen G

    Sorry your feeling sick. What a great time of year to be going to Germany or rather to leave MN, it should be nice by the time you get back.

  2. RunWesty

    Get healthy and then have a great time in Germany.

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