almost 60 degrees warmer…

The last time I ran outside it was 16 below zero. Five (5) days later I got sick and was not able to do much at all. It was the germ from hell which has taken out half the staff at work and sounds like it now has gobbled up Matt Patten as well. I was thrilled that today I woke after 6 continuous hours of sleep… That was great considering I have been sleeping little. So I decided the run outside could not be passed up.

I went to the Minnesota River bottom and ran two hours. It was very mixed footing with shaded areas like ice and hard to climb the hills to slush my foot would sink 4 inches as I ran along. I was wearing only a short sleeve T-shirt with a long sleeve T-shirt over it and was very comfortable the entire run.

I wore my Nathan and tried a few things I read somewhere once, but not sure who to give credit. When I filled the bladder, I turned it upside down and sucked all the air out of the bladder. I was told this makes it ride better on the back. IT DID. Amazing how there was no sloshing around and did not know it was there. BUT, I discovered with no air inside the bladder, sucking out the water was so much harder. Now I am going to test this a little more to see if it was a kinked hose or something like that, but I sure loved the way it felt on my back.

I also do not like powders on the bladder. So, I took straws and filled them with Gookinade powder. I would take the straw and eat the powder like the old sugar filled Pixi-Sticks. I really like this as opposed to drinking the stick drinks I manage to spill on me time to time. I am interested in trying this again in the future. Wonder if any others have tried such a thing?

Anyway I am so glad to get outside. I had some pains I did not like, but that is what happened when you take time off, at least I think.

Carry on!



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2 responses to “almost 60 degrees warmer…

  1. Carl Gammon

    Ah ha! Starting to experiment with your gear is the first sign of Spring and running goals freshly formed.

  2. Karen G

    Isn’t time to start hills at Hyland?

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