10 days since the last post…

Well it has been 10 days since my last post, and it will be more than that before my next post. I noted many of my pals also have limited posts in the past months… The economy, the weather, the stress just has many, like me, so frazzled… So many pals have pains or injuries which are holding them back… We just need for spring to get here… I am sure it will make us all so much better!

In the past 10 days I have run about 2 of 3 days with a minimum 30 minutes each time. I had two runs of over 2 hours each. I have been on this low carb diet and man do I feel so weak and slow. I have added weights in there but I just do not feel strong. My runs are actually how I felt between 72 and 77 miles in the 100 a few years ago. I try to make one foot go in front of the other but does not feel natural?

This past weekend, I know it was a little icy on the river trail but it was hard to maintain a 14-minute mile. My heart rate was only in the 130s but my legs were like logs that were just hard to move?

I leave for Germany tomorrow and I actually have no plans to run there at all… A whole lotta walking is in the books, but no planned runs. When I return, I go back in for a follow-up blood test and hopefully I can get off this low carb diet. I love pasta and since I have been working hard to have a 55% protein, 25% crabs and 20% fat, it sucks… Simple as that… I enter everything I eat and watch it close. Just not easy to do, at least for me…

As I watch the TV tonight, they have an interview with the single mother of 14… This has been the subject of many conversations, which I listened, but did not join into throughout the past week. The more I hear, the more I wonder how anyone ever expects to properly raise 14 kids on her own financially. I have one, and that is a challenge! But as my old professor would say, what is properly?

I know families with five or six kids, and see the hardships they have… I cannot help to think you and I will pay for raising these and many other kids in the same situation. I just will never get it, but maybe that is just it, I am not supposed to… Kind of like when I tell someone about Al Holtz and his 150 mile last year, they just never get it… I guess we all have out quirks, but the quirks many others and I have are not a burden on the taxpayer… Although, I may be making a wrong assumption, but that is all I can think…

I have been thinking a little about my potential race options for the 2009 season and I still come back to the same thought… Grandma’s and that is it… No other races!!! I know I am running more but just cannot get the heart into it… I enjoy the time outside, enjoy the runs, but the thought of a structured race just does not thrill me right now… I was thrilled to see a fellow blogger put together a great list of podcasts about running…. Check it out! http://mwrunfar.blogspot.com/2009/02/running-podcasts-continue-to-grow.html… I found some good ones on this list…

Anyway, gotta pack! Going on a 4,800 mile journey to see my son and have a relaxing vacation. Well, keeping up with a soon to be 20 year old highly active male may not be relaxing, but we have a great time together! This is the second real non-run/non-tennis related vacation I have had since 1999… So I am due, and I think it will be a nice break…

Carry on!



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16 responses to “10 days since the last post…

  1. Wayne

    Have a great vacation, Londell!

  2. Kel

    I think lots of us struggle with motivation to run during the winter months – I know I do. Spring (and more daylight hours) cure a lot of ails ;)Have a wonderful trip Londell!

  3. Karen G

    It is too bad the low carb thing is not making you feel so great. Have a great time in Germany!!!

  4. SteveQ

    Going to Germany and not drinking beer… such a waste. Have a great time; I know how much you’ve been looking forward to it.

  5. RunWesty

    Relax, rejuvenate, reconnect and then return to the trails. Have a great time.

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