I am shocked

Nearing my last day in Germany I learned something that shocked me. Most say that it is expected but I was still in disbelief… It was Eric Chopin of Biggest Loser 3 )December 2006, and the winner who lost over 200 pounds has averaged a 1 pound per week weight gain since winning the $250,000. (Click here) Ouch! I thought I did bad with 1.2 pounds a month since my low of 216… He looks like hell again… But I am not looking that great either… Time to … is the name of the blog and sicne I started it, I have not been following the steps needed to reach my goals… Gotta grab those boot straps, don’t I…

Well the weather is going to start getting better soon. (Stormed in Munich today!) Getting away sure has been a welcomed and needed break from life.

Carry On!



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2 responses to “I am shocked

  1. SteveQ

    Eric’s not the only one. Matt Hoover, who won one year regained 100 lbs. and his wife, Suzy, also on the show, gained about 60. Rapid weight loss usually isn’t lasting.

  2. Karen G

    I was very very disapointed to have seen Eric on Oprah last month. It also had seemed like he was not taking the responsibility for it either saying when he lost the weight he did it for others and not for himself etc…I am not a big Oprah fan in the first place and her admitting she gained weight seemed sort of in cry baby style too.

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