Good week/weak

I finally adjusted from the trip. Nice to be back but miss seeing my son each day… This weekend and the next two weekends are 25-30 hour weekends officiating tennis so training will be limited. Then I have 7 of the next 8 weekends with little tennis needs. Great time to set the base I need for to determine what the 2009 race schedule will be, other than Grandma’s marathon. My main focus is not doing anything to make my 25th consecutive grandma’s difficult to accomplish.

Over the past 2 months I have tried to enjoy running and look forward to the chance to run… although, I found it hard to run 12 minute miles and felt like I was working so hard doing so. Could have been the snow and ice? Could have been the extra shake in the mid-section? So this past week, I decided I was going to run at least four (4) or the seven (7) days and with nothing slower than 10 minute mile. I had though this was going to be hard as I have been struggling.

Here is what I accomplished:

Monday 3.2 miles at 9:20 pace Max HR 158
Tuesday 3 at 9:57 pace Max HR 165
Thursday 4 miles at 9:15 pace Max HR 153
Friday 4.2 miles at 9:17 pace Max HR 151

To many that read this blog, a 15 mile week is only a daily jaunt for them. However, I am pleased… and I was surprised. Tuesday was pure hell but I enjoyed it… This is the first time in months I felt good about running. In the scope of things, this is less than a 15 mile week.

This is after a lame start into 2009… 16 runs and 47.5 miles (ave pace 12:10) for January and 10 runs 37.1 miles (11:32 ave pace) for February. But the last week of February was a good week… I am looking forward to March. That’s good!

Carry on!


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  1. Karen G

    Sounds like you are on the way!! Those times are really good- I would not be comforatable running that fast at all. Wasn’t it supposed to be spring by the time you got back from Germany?

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