Getting caught up?

Getting caught up is never easy. Writing in the blog is one of the things I need to get caught up on as well. I think we all have such busy lives, economic strains, relationship pressures, weather changes to bring us down and we have exercising, march madness, great friends (old and new), looking forward to the warmer weather and seeing things optimistically to bring us up.

The last post expressed excitement of a 20 mile week as an enjoyable week. That was followed by a 21.3 mile week last week and many enjoyment in the runs. This week started great with the weather. I ran 4.1 miles at lunch and walked 2.1 miles after work Monday, yesterday I rode bike to and from work as well as ran 4 miles at lunch and walked 2 miles after work again. Today I feel so tired; I struggled to get the 5K out of the way during lunch? Well, we can not always expect great runs… The first mile was filled with “turn around and quit” thoughts, but then I got into a groove, but still struggled.

I have had almost a week now to mull the movie “Beyond the Epic Run” through my mind. It was great to see ultra list people there. I was glad I went. I will see it again as it left me with some thoughts which may have been covered in the movie, but I may have missed them. I may purchase the diary as well…

At the end of the movie, we were asked to sum it up in three words. That was hard as I saw the film as a phenomenal production which took me through as many human emotions I though I could experience all in one sitting. I used the words “depressing, humbling and motivating”…

To me, it was many stories! A strong story of love… The love between Serge and Nicole, the love for running, the love for a challenge and the love for general humanity. It was an eye opener for the variety of world conditions we often only think are made for television promotions for “feed the children”. It was a tragic story as at the start I saw two young vibrant people who looks so old and worn at the end… It was life experiences story where people often support you and then for some reason, change their mind. It was a story of hope. No matter what they encountered, they were positive (at least the movie shows such). So many more stories in this story! The more I think about it, this is just remarkable story that makes me think about much more than a run.

I got an e-mail that Afton registration is now open. As I have said too many, Grandma’s is my only race planned for the year at this time. I have a few weeks of enjoyable running under my belt but still do not have the urge to enter any races. However, the race fills fast. So I think I am going to enter the 50 K and at this time just consider it a donation to the race. That way if Grandma’s goes well and I am happy running, at least I am in the race. But again, I am 95 percent sure I will not be running it… But just in case I will save my spot!

Looking forward to volunteering at Chippewa this year. I just received some information about my assignment. Looks like fun.

The next three weeks all I have is an occasional tennis match to officiate. Less than 4-5 hours a day max for this weekend and only one assignment the next tow after that! Looking forward to getting some weekend workouts in for a change.

Maybe see some of you out there… if you run slow enough for me to keep up?

Carry on!


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  1. RunWesty

    See you at Chippewa but glad to see you signing up for Afton, after Grandmas it will be easy if you just take your time and enjoy it. BTW, your pace is my pace so don’t worry about folks needing to slow down, actually I might not be able to keep up with you and file it away that we both will get faster if we want to.

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