Third week of enjoyment…

I have now three weeks in a row with over 20 miles a week, and I enjoyed it! Well, mostly. There were a few days I did not want to run. But I got through the first mile and was happy I went. Each week I increased 5% or more a week. This week, I estimate I will have a 10-15 percent increase over last week just cause it feels good and I have more time? I am not sure. I suppose there may be more bike riding as an option, dependant on the weather.

I heard my pal Steve broke another bone? You would think with all the news we hear about his neighborhood, that someone would hurt him other than himself? Maybe this is all a blessing in disguise, if he always has a broken bone, the thugs will leave him alone? Either way, I wish him well and hope he takes care of himself. He is a great guy who I need to keep up all the writing to keep me sane… or at least it is good reading.

I have a good friend of mine who is in her mid 30’s, never been married and is going through a hard time with a ticking clock (she wants kids)… She has had some hard times in he field of dating and I just do not get it as she is a great person… Well, maybe I do… My advice to her is not to be so stressed over it, but I see her point. Seems like she meets nothing but over the edge folks. Some of the things I hear make me wonder if I am getting weird and the normal people seem weird or if the world is becoming more strange. I mean, what happened to manners, please, thank you, opening a car door, allowing yourself to love? A coworker told me of her daughters boyfriend coming to the house and honking the horn or calling her on the cell phone so she can come out… Is this just strange dating habits that are becoming the norm and I a dying specimen? Anyway, I have so many questions every time we speak about relationships, I confuse myself.

Anyway, enough broad based information. As I final note, week 4 underway the way with another 4 mile run tonight, in the rain, but it was nice… and I registered for Afton. As I said before, I am 95% sure i will not be running it and will just be making a donation to a great run if I don’t, but if that 5% changes, I wanted my spot… And I saw Kent Neuburger is coming back. Not sure if many of you know him, I only met him twice but I love his fight and desire.

Carry on…



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2 responses to “Third week of enjoyment…

  1. SteveQ

    The wrist is healing REALLY fast! I think that as a society, we’re becoming more self-centered and thus less empathetic (technology is partly to blame… after all, I am sitting here silently, rather than talking to you). Civility requires spending time with others – and not discussing how you relieve yourself in the woods.

  2. Diane

    I identify with your friend who is having a hard time dating… if she’s anything like me, an independent woman, it’s not easy to find a real man to be a compliment in the relationship (as opposed to “completing” a person); someone who is also independent, yet open. It’s tough!

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