Yippe I a, Cow Pattie

Yippee-i-ay – Cow Patti!
Yippee-i-ay – Cow Patti!
She rode into town to find the man that killed her daddy!
Yippee-i-ay – Cow Patti!

I sang this in my head today in the last mile of what made a 25+ mile week (26.1) and felt good. First time I can say or feel that since, well, 2007… I know it may seem like peanuts to all you 100 mile week runners, but given that last October I could care less if I ran again, this is GREAT!

I use the lyrics often when I am elated. People look at me and think it makes no sense. But this was a song by Jim Stafford released in 1980. I was graduating from High School and some wild and crazy guy (not me or Steve Martin) suggested we make it our Grad Theme Song… I went to school with a strange bunch and I do not think anyone has changed, except got older. If you want to see Jim Stafford perform this gem, see below:

Anyway, I was elated. Funny thing is the runs are nice and easier, but the weight is the same. Not even going to worry about that, yet… Just keep running and enjoying the time outdoors and whatever will be will be… Then again, one of my favorite Minnesota River trails was underwater this weekend… I hope that is short lived… My mind has been on my hometown of Fargo lately… Called and the parents looks like the home farm will make it though the flood… I recall as a youth some of the floods we had a basement filled with water… and we were 8 miles west of the Red River. It is just flat and flat back home! I used to run the overpasses for hill training.

Looking forward to what I hope is the last snow spit this week… Have to look at the positive side, but would rather not have it at all… like I have a choice. So next week, if things continue like they have, I will have a 29 mile week… And if I don’t, that is alright, as long as I keep having fun getting miles in…

Carry on…


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  1. SteveQ

    Sounds like things are getting better and better for you, except your taste in music.

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