Well, I had a 30.8 mile, enjoyable running week last week. That is an 18 percent increase in miles over the past week which does concern me a little as I was hoping to keep my weekly increases in the 5-10 percent range. I ran Monday through Saturday and took Sunday off. My pace was a little slower than weeks before, but this is the first week it was all outdoors. The hamster wheel is much faster.

Looking forward to going to Zumbro early Friday to spend a great deal of time helping out. I am more excited about testing my newly acquired digital SLR and taking hundreds of pictures for people to download later. (LINK: http://picasaweb.google.com/runallday/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCPfMwOfztY_P8QE#) Will be a fun way to get a grip on the camera options. I also plan on pacing Steve (if he is slowed down by then) in the late hours of Friday or early hours Saturday AM. Depends on how he is doing and where there is a need. I just think it is funny that this turtle can pace the rabbit… But in the dark, we should be fine.

Hope all is well. As an addendum to my Vitamin D post last week, I also was informed that intense exercise can also be a factor in Vitamin D depletion. I think training for a 100 mile will fit the definition of intense, doesn’t it?



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2 responses to “30.8!

  1. Kel

    Hey Londell, I’m finally starting to get excited about running again too (spring fever I guess).See you at Zumbro!

  2. SteveQ

    My pacer’s planning on going from 20 miles per week to a 20 mile loop of Zumbro! I’m so proud!

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