Repeated post? Tara is my new Hero…

I know I have placed this same thought in the past on several occasions. Heart rate… I went 20 miles with Steve Q. and stayed up for 28 hours, slept for 15 minutes and then stayed up another 7 hours Saturday. Sunday, I went for a 10 mile bike ride and rested. Monday, rode bike to work and home, ran at lunch and lifted weights. Tuesday I rode to and from work and ran another 40 minutes at lunch plus minor weights. Today I rode bike to and from work and ran 4.1 miles at lunch. Each activity has a higher than normal (for me) heart rate. On today’s run, I ran 20 seconds a miles slower than the exact run as last week with an average heart rate of 158 compared to 134 last week? My resting rate in the morning has not been lower than 72 all week when I had been in the high 50’s 2 weeks ago.

My stress is up a little and I have not slept well since the Zumbro all-night activity. I am just dumbfounded. For the first time since I started regular workout (about 8 weeks) I found the run as just a run and really not enjoyable as they have been in the past weeks. It seemed a little burdensome and a chore today. I was shooting for 30 miles this week but I may settle for 20 and close to 40 miles on the bike as i may just take tomorrow off? I will decide that based on the resting heart rate.

As I preached before, I feel good but the heart rate is up. I just find my heart rate as a great indicator of stress on the body and when I need to take a rest… and get a good nights sleep! I will get in early tonight and try hard to get a good 8 hours sleep tonight, but will not cross my fingers.

Hope all are repairing well from Zumbo. I know it chewed those who experienced it up and spit them out, but we all lived!

I watched Biggest Loser again last night. Tara is such an animal. When she started she was about 290 and has lost 112 pounds. I would not bet against her in a 100 mile in a few more weeks… She has tenacity of the likes I have never seen… She is an inspiration of how not to quit. Will she ever tire is all I think. There are a few videos if you do not know her or watch the show. Click here to see a video on her, or See her pull the car!. Week after week she just keeps going and going. Ever ready bunny for sure! This is her worse day, she went so hard she throws up... I think she has won 10 of 15 challengers, and in one she had to pull a car with extra weight, and beat the big Strong men…

Then her friend Laura had a stress fracture in her hip. Wow is she lucky they caught that when they did. Many criticize the show but I find it interesting the variety of people on the show. Now only if Ron will leave, I will enjoy it more… Until then, I need to rest and get the heart rate under control…

Carry on…



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2 responses to “Repeated post? Tara is my new Hero…

  1. Beth

    Boy, I’m a newbie and don’t know much, but I was reading about overtraining and you listed quite a few of the symptoms. Look into it and take care of yourself! AND I love The Biggest Loser, too. I agree, Tara is quite a force and very inspiring. 🙂

  2. keith

    I find that show interesting, as well. It’s always inspiring when people can make such a drastic and positive change in their lives.

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